5 period questions always remain unanswered- PMS, Pregnancy, Menopause, Exercise, Junk food

5 Questions Answered!


You may be having multiple questions about your period. You get answers for some through your doctors, but some unanswered period questions always remain unanswered, or rather, unasked! We have collated 5 most popular questions about periods that we as women may be curious about.


  1. Is PMS really real?

Yes. PMS is as real as you are and don’t question that based on some comments other people make without even knowing what we are probably going through. Due to PMS, women basically get upset over things that are conventionally normal for them, however, it is only because the coping capability in our body/ mind reduces when we’re going through bodily changes. What causes PMS is an unknown fact, but studies prove that some women react in a much more sensitive way when there are changes in their hormone levels. It also tells us that 56% of the PMS cases are genetically inherited!


  1. Can I exercise during my cycle?

Yes, of course! Nothing can get in your way of living, not even your uterus lining that has decided to shed for one entire week! Exercising has been proven to be a great method to reduce muscle cramps. Nevertheless, rigorous exercising should be avoided as it causes various other problems, while on the other hand, light work outs to activate your body is healthy.


  1. Why do I want junk food?

The scientific reason behind cravings is mysterious but everything that happens in our body, involves hormones. It is very common and normal to have weird period cravings, it is absolutely okay as long as it satisfies you. However, anything too much is unhealthy, so it is suggested to take nourishing foods like avocado and salmon during your cycle (or even in general!)


  1. Does that imply no pregnancy?

Well not exactly. Women do get their periods during their early pregnancy. Some women get it while others don’t so there is no correct answer when it comes to this question. However, you may or may not notice a difference, such as lighter or a heavier flow than usual. It all depends from person to person so the only way to confirm is through a pregnancy test or a doctor’s consultation.


  1. At what age will Menopause begin?

Menopause is very unique to everyone, just like how their puberty was. In a woman’s life the 2 unknown dates are the first day of her first period and the last day of her last’s. Menopause is basically when a woman hasn’t bled for 12 months in a row. It usually occurs between the ages 45 to 55 but the average age is 52.


Well, those are some that we could find answers for, if you have more in your mind, then let us know, we will be glad to answer them in another article :)