Our choices have led us to believe that what’s good for us not only has to be good for our environment. But also good for our society.

It’s hard to believe that a period could prevent anyone from doing anything. Yet millions of girls and women around the world stay back at home from either school or work because of lack of menstrual products. Period is a natural process and an essential part of every girl’s life. Why should anyone be denied of safe sanitary care. Specially it should never keep a girl from getting her education.

That’s why for every pack of LiZZOM purchased, we will provide a LiZZOM Sanitary Napkin for a girl/woman.

But more than that, we want to be able to give them the freedom to choose. To be able to have choices and create opportunities to empower themselves and generations to come. It is time to transform the experience of being a woman.

We believe in a world where women can embrace confidence and pride. We stand for women health globally. We aim to be trusted source of products that enhance life.