9 Tips for Female Hygiene You Must Know


1. Make sure whenever it is, you keep your vagina to stay dry. As you might know, humidity in your private area can increase the chance of harmful bacterial or fungal growth that can lead to some infections or vaginal discharge. In addition, it can change the odor of your private area, which could entirely affect your whole body’s fitness. Also, don’t stay in wet clothes (swimwear).

2.Do you use toilet paper from back to front after going to the toilet? Or do you wipe from front to back? Women should use toilet paper from front to back. Otherwise, you will bring bacteria from your anus into your urinary tract.

This can lead to infections such as cystitis, usually caused by E. coli bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract . If these infections are complicated, the bacteria can travel up to the kidneys. Therefore, it is important to prevent problems through good genital hygiene. 

And it is essential to clean the perineal area from front to back so as not to drag germs from the anus to the vulva.

3. Starting with pineapple chunks, it has been known that they can actually change how your body produces odor and taste. Also, the nutrients and enzymes found in pineapple are excellent for your skin. So it is a win-win. Another alternative you can get is cranberries.

4. Many women feel more hygienic if they do vaginal douching after menstruation or sexual intercourse. However, this practice can worsen vaginal discharge. In addition, these douches eliminate healthy bacteria that protect the vagina against vaginal infection.

5. As much as you love your amazing-smelling body washes. You never want to place this inside your most delicate area because it can mess up the pH balance and will have the opposite effect of making it feel and smell good. I don’t recommend washing your private part with any body wash or anything with fragrance. It is WAY MUCH BETTER to CLEAN the area with warm WATER gently.

6. Underwear should be changed every day without exception and replaced every year. Not washing underpants often enough can cause health problems, such as urinary tract infections and canker sores.

You can choose cotton underwear, but the more breathable your underwear is, the better. It’s easy to keep dry cotton underwear. It is the best way to go.

7. Another tip many girls do not really pay attention to is separating dirty clothes and undergarments when washing them.

You know like your underwear is the first layer that directly touches your sensitive part, and you don’t want the ‘outsider’ from your clothes to go into it. So, make sure you clean it separately, especially if you have fur pets.

8. A lack of probiotics can make your floral bacteria grow unbalanced, putting your vagina in horrifying condition (foul smell, excessive vaginal discharge).

To get a probiotic substance, you can generally get it from your everyday diet, but you can also take a probiotic supplement. Keeping your body balanced is key to staying yours in and out fresh. 

9. The last but not the least. Water Water Water

Drink water

Use more to wash

Use water to flush the toxins


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