Period is a dirty word. Sadly, the industry even dirtier. What does that really mean?  
Sanitary napkins are made entirely of synthetic materials and plastic that take over 500 years for the environment to break down. With over 10,000 napkins used over a lifetime of a woman, this means a basic sanitary napkin used perhaps 50 years ago is still around.  

Because Sanitary Napkins are classified under the category ‘medical products’ companies are exempt from listing their ingredients. A generic napkin is created using cotton, harmful dioxins, toxins and plastic. Conventional cotton is grown using insecticides and pesticides that don’t just put our health at risk but also endanger the ecosystems around them whilst pulling on vast amount of resources.  

When we began our research, we wanted to create a product that was as good for the environment as for you. Organic cotton is a much cleaner raw material than conventional cotton but we also requires a large amount of resources to grow. That’s why we chose Organic Bamboo and Corn to create a cleaner, safer, more absorbent and biodegradable sanitary napkin.