Does your period makes your ineffectual? Control your period with Magnesium and more!

Do you think that your period makes you ineffectual? I did feel like that sometimes until I started to do these things on my period. Here’s 5 tips to make the most out of your period.

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  1. Keep up your Magnesium levels!


Did you know that magnesium plays a vital role in many processes that your body goes through? That being said, it includes your menstrual cycle because this little chemical element right here is dynamic in developing a healthy egg during your periods. Apart from its biological functions, it also helps us relieve our cramps by relaxing our muscles, prevent migraines and lastly, counteract the bloating. However, it is best to consult your doctor before taking any supplement to avert any further concerns.


  1. Ooh calm it down!


There is no doubt that exercising keeps you healthy and fit, although, exaggeration it during your period isn’t a great idea. Conferring to studies, it is proven that many female athletes end up injured during their time of the month. Rigorous exercising is known to cause irregular periods and undeniable exhaustion but that doesn’t give you a “go” to lay on the couch all day!

It is advised to follow a good workout routine, however, to be gentle regarding that during your periods. A healthy amount of yoga and stretching can improve your flow as well as reduce your pain.


  1. But I love dairy!


Okay hands down, dairy products are delicious and can get your mouth watering for no reason at all. Especially cheese and cream! But did you know that it is not as friendly as you thought it is? Dairy products can contract your uterus lining, leading to agonizing cramps all day! Thus, it is medically directed to avoid these products during your period.


  1. Aesthetic journaling


Don’t you get into the urge of journaling as soon as you see an aesthetic tik tok? Well, not gonna lie, I did. However, to add a little bit of spice, why don’t you journal your period! It’s not only helpful but also mentally relaxing. Try to journal out your monthly cycle by tracking your period and writing down the smallest of details; in essence; the supplements you took for the day, any extra side effect that you experienced, the type of flow on each day and the variations in your period blood etc. This is a very entertaining activity as well as advantageous when you visit your doctor again!


  1. Summer feels


The last but not the least, the classic hot water bags! There is absolutely no doubt that these have been our life saviors since the day one.  It’s not only easy to prepare but also vividly effective when it comes to alleviating our muscles cramps.



We hope that these tips help you to get the most out of yourself and your period during that time of the month. However, if you experience anything out of the box, then please consult your doctor for a regular checkup.


Not all Period pains are normal 



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