How to Talk about Sanitary Pads and Tampons

Whether it is your daughter or son, talking about sanitary pads can be tricky sometimes. Especially when your relationship with your child is not inclusive of such subjects. Hankies are used to wipe sweat, toilet paper is used to wipe our bottoms, diapers are used by babies for pooping and peeing, sanitary pads and tampons are used by women to absorb period blood. See how easy that is? When you explain it in this fashion, it doesn’t sound gross.

When ads for sanitary pads come on, don’t switch channels or switch off the TV. Keep it on and if your son asks about it, answer honestly. Tell him it’s a hygiene product that women use when they have their periods. Explain the importance of using such products and stress on the need to use sanitary napkins that are made ethically using natural products as they are better for health in the long run. 

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