Period Survival kit - the next big thing!

A fashionable period kit was designed to keep ladies of all ages prepared for their period while on the go!

A period survival kit must include:
A cute and compact travel pouch
Products of Your Choice (2 Organic LiZZOM Regular/ Large sanitary pads) (2- LiZZOM ultra-soft liners that have all the benefits of natural pads but in a slim contoured liner for light flow & discharge)
Feminine Disposal Pouch or brown paper. You can get disposable bags for natural pads that are earth-friendly, biodegradable and certified compostable!
Feminine wipes
Cinnamon oil/cinnamon stick (cinnamon is your best friend for all hormone-related situations)

Don't you just love surprises?

A surprise birthday party in your honor! Awesome!
Flowers from a certain someone delivered to your home! So romantic!
A check in the mail that you didn't know you were getting! Yay!
These kinds of surprises are great. But the surprise arrival of your period? That's not so wonderful.

It’s a good thing you can be prepared for when nature surprises you, without having to compromise on your commitment to keeping things green. The Be Prepared Period Kit gives you everything you need to go with the flow, whether it happens at school, work, gym or even when you're on a date!

The ‘Be Prepared Period Survival Kit’ is a complete period kit that you can easily carry in your purse, backpack or gym bag to ensure that you're always prepared for your period. Ensure that your pouch contains products that are eco-friendly & made from sustainable materials. The organic period kit is good for you & for the environment.

You can't always plan for your period, but you can always be prepared for its surprise arrival. Make sure you're ready for it. Design your Period's Survival Kit today!

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