Plan out your perfect summer!

“Vacation.” The word itself carries loads of old memories and gives rise to untold number of fantasies (especially after a year full of dreadful lockdowns and quarantines ;P)

But then again, what about our periods? What if we end up having our period exactly when we’re on a holiday? Well, that is something we can’t really regulate; however, we can always be prepared to make the best out of the situation. Here’s 5 of our tips to plan out your perfect period holiday!

1. Always carry your period kit!

A period kit is not just an essential, it’s considered a life saver! A conventional period kit contains the following – A packet of pads/ tampons/ a menstrual cup; disposable panties; a mini hot-water bag; a few painkillers/ anti-spasm medicines (ibuprofen); sanitary wet tissues; disposable plastic bags and a few sweets like chocolates ;)

2. Routine

During our periods, we tend to get tired and experience muscle cramps in various parts of our body, particularly in our stomach. According to professionals, women during their cycle should sleep for a good amount of time and they should avoid foods that are rich in sodium and salt as it results in bloating. They also suggest avoiding spicy food as it triggers acid reflux. However, no matter what routine we follow, medical experts reveal that our hygiene plays the most important role. They recommend changing our pads/ tampons every so often. A heavy pad/ tampon is inclined towards making us feel uncomfortable and eventually it activates some of our major mood swings.

3. Did my period ruin all the fun? (Swimming? Beach?)

Did you know that our flow slows down when we go for swimming due to the immersed water pressure? Well, that’s fortunate, however, doesn’t it still bleed to some minimal extent? Again yes, it does, but researchers have revealed that tampons/ menstrual cups are designed in such a way that they either absorb the liquid matter entirely or they manage to store the liquid matter without any leakage. Thus, tampons/ menstrual cups are ideal when it comes to choosing a period product for swimming. For precautionary purposes, they also advise using a dark-coloured swim wear to prevent stains.

4. Clothing

Women often feel the necessity to change their position and let their body breath without restrictions primarily during that time of the month. Thus, specialists hint at wearing something much more casual like comfy cotton or sweatshirts rather than skintight jeans and crop tops.

5. Do what you like!!!

We don’t regularly prioritize ourselves enough in attempt to follow the current social media trends. In order to do so, we forget to do what we like, we force ourselves to step out of our comfort zone. To plan out an ideal summer, it’s better to begin highlighting ourselves. If you don’t like to go out and prefer to stay in your hotel room to read a book, then that be it! If you are a music lover and want to listen to something that isn’t exactly trendy, LISTEN TO IT! After all, by definition, a vacation is a time that is supposed to be of a great remembrance to hold onto in the future. So if your body decides to commence your period during the trip, don’t stress out and just do what you enjoy.

Another secret? Stay hydrated buddy!!!

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