Probiotics of Periods!! - Organic skin care

Probiotics and Organic Skin Routine

One Spoon of yogurt every morning – Bacteria is good for health.

“Probiotics”, as the word itself suggest, it means “good life.” By definition, they’re living microbes supported with assertions that they provide health benefits when consumed.

According to professional and scientific research, they supply healthy bacteria to stabilize the pH levels in our skin and body, thanks to which, our skin is not only shielded from radical damage, but also looks naturally beautiful and glowing. It is not yet scientifically proven, but many researchers do believe that probiotics that are consumed for skin development purposes can potentially prevent skin cancer.

During our monthly cycle, our body produces lesser estrogen and progesterone than normal. Due to the decline in their levels, our sebaceous glands get triggered and thus generate more sebum which is an oily substance that functions to lubricate our skin. You may know this is one of the main reasons why we get acnes and breakouts apart from the hormonal releases.                                          

Skincare probiotics like Bifidobacterium reduces skin sensitivity and enhances our body’s natural lipids whereas probiotics such as Lactobacillus improves the functionality of our skin by reducing acne and redness. Other probiotics like Vitreoscilla reduces the excess water levels while Bacillus coagulans prevent wrinkles. In simpler terms, these complex words help our body process out the toxins that are liable for most of our problems.

How should our skin care look like during this period? Reminding you of the 5 things that you already know.

  • Exfoliate skin every alternative day to get rid of the dead cells and always cleanse out our make up before bed! Prevent exposure to sun as it can result in dryness of our skin.
  • We all know the importance of a decent and a healthy diet but as a matter of fact, whatever goes inside our body, reflects the results on our face.
  • A good amount of protein intake with small amount carbohydrates and fruits can bring a bright look on our face.
  • Yogurt, seeds, as well as dry fruits like nuts and almonds are certainly on recommendation chart.
  • Lastly, to have a healthy and a naturally rosy skin, add probiotics to your diet that can benefit your body inside and out!



Natural Homemade Ginger Ale

prep: 5 mins | inactive: 60 hours | total: 60 hours,

5 mins

yield: 8 cups


For the Ginger Bug

2 inch ginger piece, peeled and grated + extra

for feeding the cultured mix

1/2 cup white sugar

2 cups filtered water

For the Ginger Ale

8 cups (about 2 litres) purified water

2 inch ginger root, peeled and grated

1/2 cup white sugar

1 lemon, peeled and cut into slices

1/2 cup ginger bug or 1/8 tsp active yeast


For the ginger bug

  1. Add the grated ginger, 2 tbsp sugar and the water into a lidded jar, and

mix with an wooden spoon to combine.

  1. Loosely lid the jar and keep it at room temperature.
  2. Every day, for the next 4-5 days, feed the mix with 1 tbsp sugar and 1 tsp

grated ginger, and use the wooden spoon to give it a stir.

  1. In the 4th or 5th day, the cultured mix should be ready and bubbly on top.

It may turn opaque, this is ok. It might develop a white mold layer, this is

ok too - you simply remove it before using. White mold is ok, pink or black

mold means you should start the fermentation process again.

  1. Use 1/2 cup of the mix for the ginger bug and keep the rest in the

refrigerator (feed it once a week with sugar and ginger to keep it alive).

For the ginger ale

  1. In a medium soup pot add 4 cups water, grated ginger and sugar and

bring to boil over medium heat.

  1. Simmer for 5 minutes, then strain and let cool completely.
  2. Transfer the mixture into a jar, add the rest of the water, lemon and ginger

bug, mix with an wooden spoon and lid the jar tightly.

  1. Let sit at room temperature for 2 &1/2 days, until fizzy.
  2. Serve or keep in the refrigerator for up to one week.


Recipe by Hello Nest at

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