Unaware facts or myths!?

Do you think that you know all ab out your periods now that you’ve been experiencing it for years? Well, think again, or rather read this article to know 5 of some unknown facts about your menstrual cycle.

1. Dude, you sound different today!

Ever had a friend tell you that your voice sounds different, and you happen to be “coincidentally” going through your time of the month exactly at that time? According to some vocalization specialist and researchers, female reproductive hormones have a substantial role in your vocal chords, thus, altering the way you sound during your period.

2. I’m bleeding too much!

The one fact which many women dislike and consider fake is that you bleed a lot less than you think you do! Surely, you’re guessing right now and trying to measure your thoughts but in reality, you bleed around 60 milliliters on an average cycle. Yes, you read it right, “an average cycle”, not “an average day”!

3. Do I stink?

According to research, most women smell different on their period. Period blood carries a vague smell that influences the way we smell during that time of the month, however, the change being minimal, many don’t even notice the difference.

4. Menstruation is not all about blood.

Are you still thinking about the second fact in this article? Well, there is a scientific practical explanation as to why you feel you’ve bled wayyy more than just 60 milliliters. The reason is because not all you menstrual is blood, most part of it contains your vaginal tissue linings due to which it looks like you’ve bled more than just 60 milliliters.

5. Do you have short periods or is it just your nightlight?

After some experimental research, scientists have found out that artificial intelligence such as light at night controls your sleep hormones which is known as “melatonin.” These hormones are tropic hormones which have some control over other hormones of the body which regulates out period. So, if you sleep with your nightlight on, then your period cycle will shorten over time!

Knowing some facts about your period is as important as educating yourself about health. After all, on average, you’re about to bleed for 10 whole years of your life which amounts to approximately 3652 days!

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