There are so many stories and myths that surround periods even in this day and age. From primitive women to the modern women of today, everyone has been affected by one or the other story about periods at some point or the other. 

Is there anything that you want to do that you can’t because of periods? Do you feel handicapped on those days? Mostly NO. Well, there may be instances when your periods are particularly awful due to cramps and nausea but more often than not, it is a natural relatively fuss free occurrence.

But there is one area that may still need your attention and that’s exercise during menstrual cycle or shall we say Cyclecise!

Understanding your menstrual cycle is important when deciding the exercises that’s right for you. There are four phases in your menstrual cycle and the science behind the exercise you choose to do in each phase can definitely help make life a little more comfortable. It can also make a big difference to how effectively you train.

Days 1-5 

This is the Strength or Bleed phase and is the most difficult time to train. Doing a little bit of yoga, walking or stretching exercises can help you feel better and may even ease your cramps.

Days 5-14

This is the Power or Peak phase. This is the time when you’re at your peak, full of energy and ready to take on the world! Doing boot camps or working out harder than usual in the gym is possible on these days.

Day 15-22

This is the Endurance or Work phase. Just like you have different phases in a single workout routine, this time of the month is ideal for the Burn or endurance training. Try mind engaging exercise like aerobics, dancing or gymnastics. This is the phase where you can burn maximum fat so make use of it!

Day 23-28

This is the Fighting phase and is the toughest phase to beat! This phase comes with rapid mood swings and craving for comfort food and chocolates. The difficult part is to motivate yourself to workout. Do not give up! Get out there and do your regular exercise anyway!

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