“We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.”

― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I have 2 Harry Potter fans in my family. From all the undaunted efforts of J. K. Rowling, all I learned is - Everything in our life is a reflection of the choices we've made. Whether GOOD or NOT SO GOOD.

Choices move us every single minute of our existence. Whether to drink coffee or tea, to take white sugar or brown, to go for a jog or stay at home. The Choice to stand up for a cause or take up a profession. The Choice to speak for yourself or choice of life partner. Every inch of our path in life, we decide what we want for us and lives around us.

When I use the word ‘choice’, I do not imply it as the absolute raw uninfluenced choice, in its literal meaning. Choices are generally influenced by people who we trust and love. Hence, choices keep changing. I believe it is a sense of pride and self-sufficiency that completes the incomplete within you when you make choices and when you keep connecting back with your own not so good choices to redo them. So for me, choice is about redoing, untangling, and correcting your own decisions that need a change with changing times. It is about being Vulnerable.

With Vulnerability comes courage. So choice is also about connecting with everything that feels right in your heart. Having the courage to stand up and choose. Challenging the rules that have limited you through ages. Believing in yourself. Being fearless. Having the courage to find and make a new rule for yourself.

This is for all those who have chosen to be the one they want to. Who have chosen to take a turn in their life path, challenging all the complacent comfortable decisions, during those times when no one else would dare. This is for women who believe that they are fragile and yet can face criticism and embarrassment and still choose what they feel right as they know that this will make them stronger.

I was once told, that your current is the reflection and manifestation of the choices you made in the past. Your life so far consists of all the choices you made in the past, and your future no doubt depends on all the decisions you will take from now on. Sometimes we celebrate these choices and sometimes we bear the consequences of these decisions. But in either case, it’s always us who are responsible for those choices. Being Vulnerable opens up the door for more choices and being courageous is about being able to take up the challenge of the choices we make.

Chanda Lokendra

Founder, LiZZOM

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