LiZZOM Launch Donation

The big question was how to start. The idea was to get LiZZOM to every woman in UAE. To give her the choice of best period care, and the voice to question what is good for her. In honor of this day, our first choice was to start with gifting pads and not selling. We asked Riva to be with us when we wanted to meet girls from Maria’s foundation. We want to share two heartwarming stories of these two individuals who have been instrumental in our launch.

Riva, a teenager, decides to give period dignity to many women in India after being inspired by the Bollywood movie "Padman" that addresses this issue. She distributed a year's supply of sanitary napkins to 250 girls from 10 different schools in Maharashtra. Her initiative has grown and today it has touched the lives of over 600 young girls. Riva was called to Indian consulate last week and was honored for her work. Read more

Maria, a warrior, decides to stay back in Bangladesh on her first flight as cabin crew to Dhaka. She goes back to Bangladesh on her following birthday, leaving her glamorous life in UAE to make difference in the lives of children who had no food and no education to claim dignity of life in Bangladeshi slums. Back then in 2005, she believed that everyone should have a chance to reach their full potential in life. And today, one of her girls aspires to be the prime minister of Bangladesh.

When we met Maria and Riva, we knew instantly that this is the way we wanted to start our journey at LiZZOM. This is the way we choose to launch LiZZOM. By gifting pads to the ones most in need. 

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