Weird hacks to tackle period pain

While some of us find ways to deal with period pain, some others suffer for ages. Sadly, I was one among the latter. Unable to understand where to go to for help, I found solace in the love of my life at the time- “Pepsi”. I hope that Pepsico doesn’t read this blog and start promoting Pepsi as a period pain relief solution. That being said, Pepsi was my savior for many-many years. 

I was a tomboy as a teenager and was quite oblivious to the changes that would happen to me growing up. One of my intimidating cousins once told me that when I grow up, I will bleed every month for no reason and that it will be painful and embarrassing. This sums up my knowledge about periods at the time. Without a clue about what was happening inside

my body and how I am supposed to deal with the pain and the changes, I would simply sleep under my heaviest blanket and would detach myself from the whole world for a minimum of 3 days.

Then on one such painful afternoon, as I was having lunch and a nice tall glass of Pepsi, my pain completely disappeared. I was surprised and did not know how that could have happened so quickly. I then discovered that Pepsi was my personal glass of cure from the excruciating cramps I had during periods. My pain simply vanished as I took chilled sips of my now favourite beverage. I still didn’t know what the real reason for this miraculous pain relief was. I later chanced upon an article in BT that said that scientists have found that the acidity in fizzy drink acts like gastric acid and can ease severe abdominal pain, break down the blockages and get things moving again.

As the caffeine enters your bloodstream, it can spark increased concentration and mental focus. Sunbathing, ginger tea, sleeping under heavy blankets, watch TV, each one of us has our own way of beating the bleeding pain. Share your period hack if you have one! We will try and highlight in our blogs. Send your entries to

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