Track Your Cycle

Period. It is a very unpredictable term. Most of the ladies get their periods during some of the highly unimaginable situations. A few get it while doing some crucial demonstration and some get it when they are coincidentally wearing a white trouser.

Sounds like it is a sadist, doesn’t it? Well, it would be a lot more predictable if you could regularly track your cycle.

Tracking your cycle not only tells you when you can expect your next, but it also indicates your general health. The primary and most vital question any gynecologist asks you is “when did your last cycle start?”

A longer, repeatedly missed/ delayed cycle are the first signs for a health issue. The most effective way to track your cycle is keeping your own period journal. You could use your phone calendar for the job. In your tracker, you should note the following :-

  • The date of start and end of your cycle.
  • The bleeding type on a daily basis (heavy or slight.)
  • How many pads/ tampons you’ve used per day?
  • The blood colour (varies from brownish red to bright and light red.)
  • Write down any additional mood swing you faced.
  • Any other side effect such as a muscle cramp/ headache.

The above information not only notes your unique cycle data but also gives an idea of your period history to your gynecologist.

Knowing your own body encompasses a lot of advantages and medically it can assist you in many ways one of which is preventing any further disease. After all, prevention is far better than cure.

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